Runaway Ranch Miniature Horses : Stallions                          


co-owned with Donna Herold at QtrRaes Mystic Minis



Runaways Spirit Walker 29"


Sire - RedHead Wild Fire
Dam - Tala's Classic Francee





Qttraes Mystic Golds Dun It Perfect 33"


Sire - SunRaes White Gold
Dam - Sunset Ridge Tequila Rose




Our newest stallion

Runaways Mystic Jacobi AMHR/AMHA 30'



In Memory





  Sligo Eclipse (AMHR/AMHA/DNA'd parent qualified) a son of Sligo Spotted Horse.

Our Sligo is getting up in age and we are pleased with all the beautiful fillies he has gifted us with.  My dear Sligo is rapidly losing weight and has been diagnosed with a severe heart murmur and arthritis.

Due to his health, he cannot roam the pasture with his mares this spring, and I will miss watching him guarding over them.

Sligo passed away 8/19/10- I will miss him. Click here to see some of Sligo's foals











Like Sligo, many of his foals, have been black at birth and color out with age