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I miss you love. I miss holding hands in the night, warming feet in the cold twilight.

I miss our long, long talks, silly or sincere, I miss your musk as you held me near.

I miss your love, so tender and sweet, your giving, your humor, your funny crooked leer

the way you always needed me near.

still go now love, may you find peace, although you'll be outside my reach

farewell my love, I love you still and you know I forever will.

Many Ask me if I am depressed, so I sat down and tried to put into words how I feel


They ask, “Are you depressed? You lost your love, it went so fast”.

“No, not depressed”, I answer back, “but lost and grieved and reticent.”

He left, …my soul mate, …too soon, so swift!

 It seemed unreal,…a dream, mistaken karma spent.

Now crashing down are boundaries, protection from the pain

Not a dream, but very real, I lack his arms to shelter me

Hollow heart that dare not feel the force of what’s been lost

“No, not depressed,” I answer back, “but wounded, yes, and scarred”

@ copywrite 2007

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