Runaway Ranch is proud to introduce our foals for 2009

Runaways Penny's from Heaven (filly)

Sire: Sligo Eclipse

Dam: Bissel Mounds Penny Kay


April 23, 2009 Appy top and bottom- she should color out

Heaven is already getting spots on her hip




Runaways Raindrops May 3, 2009 (filly)

Sire : Sligo Eclipse

Dam: Exotic Hills Cinder Ella


Raindrops was just shy of 18" at birth AMHR/AMHA pending

 We are keeping this one


Runaways Moonstruck Heart May 8, 2009 (filly)


Sire: Chianti's Heart

Dam: Shar-Mi Little Misty



first foal out of our few spot Chianti's Heart her dam is a pinto

She is a keeper - a sorrel part leopard

Runaways Tizzy's Moon Madness (Tess)

foaled 6/6/09

Sire :

Dam : Moonwinds In a Tizzy

Pictured at one day old

We are keeping this one

Pictured only the foals we kept in '09

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